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Sheena Zadeh
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Sheena Zadeh launched Kosas in 2015 with four lipsticks and the belief that you can have it all with makeup. She wanted unique, dimensional shades that were mixed with the same precision and thought found in art. She also wanted the best ingredients because she believes makeup is a huge opportunity to continue your skincare routine. And finally, Ms. Zadeh wanted formulas bursting with so much comfort and goodness, you cannot wait to put them on everyday. Kosas is the result of her love of color, passion for ingredients, and obsession with how things feel.

Kosas came together through an alchemy of things Ms. Zadeh has spent her life learning — from studying science and portrait painting to her endless dedication to wellness. The brand is named for the five Koshas or the layers of the self and is the idea that our physical appearance is a manifestation of who we truly are on the inside. She believes that beauty is a feeling in your gut, that it is finding what makes you feel alive and feel good. When we feel good and comfortable in our skin, we want to look our best and celebrate ourselves through makeup.

Sheena Zadeh