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Sasha Plavsic
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Sasha Plavsic explored the idea of Ilia after struggling with acne and other skin issues back in 2009. She sought to fill the gap between natural and prestige brands with something new and different. This new category did not have a name yet, but the goal was clear: to create makeup that makes your skin better.
In 2011, Sasha launched Ilia Beauty with six lip tints in a small shop in Vancouver, Canada. She continued to expand her range with a product-first approach and a mission to protect and revive the skin. Ilia is recognized as a leader in the clean makeup space with products that make your skin look and feel alive. The brand views skincare and makeup as one, with impressive clinicals that improve skin both immediately and over time. Daily essentials are designed to instantly refresh the skin, and add vibrancy with vivid washes of color. It’s makeup that looks like the real you and celebrates raw, unfiltered beauty.   

Sasha currently lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two daughters.

Sasha Plavsic