Full Name
Veronica Servantez
Job Title
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Speaker Bio

Veronica Servantez brings over two decades of dynamic marketing expertise to her role as Senior Vice President of Marketing at BigCommerce. Dedicated to cultivating high-performing teams and a relentless drive for delivering tangible business outcomes, she is recognized as a transformative force within the tech marketing industry.

Throughout her multi-industry career, Ms. Servantez has demonstrated her commitment to understanding the intricacies of consumer behavior, leveraging these insights to drive impactful marketing strategies. She firmly believes that by prioritizing the needs and experiences of the customer, organizations can forge lasting connections and achieve sustainable growth in an ever-evolving marketplace. Ms. Servantez’s deep-rooted belief in the power of customer experience as a cornerstone of business success has helped to propel her to the forefront of the industry.
With her strategic vision and hands-on leadership style, she has played a pivotal role in driving growth and brand success across her career. Her expertise spans various facets of marketing, including digital marketing, branding, customer experience, and go-to-market strategies.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Ms. Servantez is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and actively supports initiatives aimed at empowering women in leadership roles within the tech industry. Her dedication to fostering talent and empowering others underscores her commitment to driving positive change both within her organization and the broader community. With her strategic vision and passion for excellence, Ms. Servantez continues to inspire and empower her teams to push the boundaries of what is possible, driving BigCommerce forward as a leader in the e-commerce landscape.

Veronica Servantez