Full Name
Charles Rosier
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Augustinus Bader
Speaker Bio
Charles Rosier chose to apply his financial background and network to become an investor in research solutions for medical conditions as well as environmental and humanitarian causes.

His most recent investment endeavor includes a joint business venture with Augustinus Bader, a prominent German professor who has conducted studies involving regenerative medicine and stem cell research for the past three decades.

In 2007, Professor Bader constituted a hydrogel utilizing stem cell science that eliminates the need for skin grafts and scar revision, while minimizing opportunistic infections that can create a circle of trauma for burn victims. Realizing the potential of this breakthrough, Mr. Rosier partnered with Professor Bader to form the Bader Group, a business model structured around maximizing biomedical research and biotechnological treatments across a broad spectrum of interventions and diseases.
Charles Rosier