Full Name
Devin McGhee Kirkland
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Deon Libra
Speaker Bio

Devin McGhee Kirkland began her founder's journey after losing her father to a stress-induced heart attack in 2018. Using her grief as motivation, she decided to trust herself and make a shift in her career. After striving to prove Black worthiness within the beauty spaces she worked in, Ms. Kirkland decided enough was enough. The needs and voices of Black people deserved to be centered in the beauty and wellness industries — not addressed as an afterthought.
Alongside Co-founder and spouse, Brit Kirkland, she set out to create an unapologetically Black stress care brand that challenges the extremely white, skinny, and feminine status quo across these intersecting industries, successfully raising upwards of $1M to make this dream a reality.
Deon Libra is shifting the culture of wellness by challenging how wellness brands look, communicate, and make consumers feel, while encouraging Black folks to center self care and focus on taking care of their bodies from the inside out.

Devin McGhee Kirkland