Full Name
Carla Brenner
Job Title
Roots by Genetic Arts
Speaker Bio

Carla Brenner is a 15-year executive, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and innovator across technology and health. Ms. Brenner is Co-founder of Roots by Genetic Arts, an innovative health tech company that created the first end-to-end platform to connect diagnostic testing with personalized medicine delivered directly to your home. She is also one the Founders of HealthTech Women, a 20,000-community member organization dedicated to supporting women in fueling innovation across health leveraging technology.
Ms. Brenner began her career in corporate development at a leading medical dermatology/aesthetics pharmaceutical company. She held executive positions at prestigious tech enterprises, such as SalesForces, AWS, and Datarobot, leveraging her keen expertise in SaaS, tech infrastructure and AI. It has been her passion for innovation and her deep understanding of enterprise growth that garnered her the distinct reputation as a trailblazer.
On yet another Zoom call during COVID, Ms. Brenner noticed a similar trait amongst her colleagues — many were experiencing significant hair loss. She was interested in what was causing this and began ideating on how a solution could be developed. Tapping into her background in health and AI, she decided to leverage AI to devise more accurate treatments and outcomes, culminating in the birth of Roots by Genetic Arts. The company is now a platform using diagnostic testing to create custom solutions, delivered from your DNA to your door. 

Carla Brenner