Full Name
Amy Gordinier
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Speaker Bio
Amy Gordinier is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skinfix. She worked for some of the biggest names in beauty, from L’Oreal to Jo Malone, before moving to the Canadian coastal city of Halifax, Nova Scotia to start a family. It was there that she met the great, great granddaughter of Thomas Dixon, the pharmacist creator of the heritage Skinfix healing balm. Ms. Gordinier was captivated by the powerful formula the Dixon family had passed down through five generations and blown away by the hundreds of hand-written testimonials from people who had used it to heal some of the most serious and stubborn skin concerns. She was intent on dissecting the Skinfix healing balm in order to understand why it worked so well to restore healthy skin.

Since Ms. Gordinier relaunched Skinfix in 2014, she and her team have used a robust combination of clean, active, and nutritious ingredients to replenish and maintain the vital skin barrier. They work with dermatologists, naturopaths, and chemists to develop skincare that is consciously clean and clinically proven to work and will continue to do so until they have helped heal as many skin concerns as they possibly can. Ms. Gordinier is also the host of Total Skin Nerds, a podcast featuring in-depth conversations with top doctors and skin care authorities on a crusade to change how skin is cared for, treated, healed, experienced, and talked about.
Amy Gordinier