Full Name
Stephanie Morimoto
Job Title
Owner & Chief Executive Officer
Speaker Bio
Stephanie Morimoto is Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Asutra. Asutra helps people refresh their minds, re-energize their bodies, and replenish their souls with over 50 organic, invigorating products activated by organic plants, minerals, and essential oils for pain relief, sleep, and rejuvenation. The company is passionate about helping people take care of themselves, on purpose, so they can get the most out of life – what Asutra calls active self care.

Ms. Morimoto, alongside tennis champion and part-owner Venus Williams, is on a mission to democratize wellness, making it accessible for those who do not have lofty budgets or leisure time. Their message: you can do self-care, and it does not have to be massive! The company offers products at accessible prices and is proud to provide good jobs with career pathways at a living wage with benefits. Asutra is woman-owned and women-led- 60% of their team are people of color and 100% of their staff would recommend Asutra as a great place to work.

After nearly 20 years serving low-income communities through entrepreneurship and education programs, Ms. Morimoto has seen that a combination of high expectations, strong training and coaching, and a belief in every individual’s potential empowers people to secure a better life and accomplish more than they ever thought they could. This combination of experiences led her to Asutra.

Ms. Morimoto is an enthusiastic board member of Equality Illinois, Naturally Chicago, Global Cosmetic Industry, and Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. She was honored to be named the Beacon Award Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021.
Stephanie Morimoto