Full Name
Brook Harvey-Taylor
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Pacifica Beauty
Speaker Bio

When it comes to cruelty-free, vegan beauty products, few names are as synonymous with quality and innovation as Pacifica Beauty. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur and vegan beauty pioneer, Brook Harvey-Taylor, Pacifica Beauty has become a leader in the beauty and wellness space, offering a wide range of products with natural ingredients, high-performance innovative formulas, and accessible price points for the conscious consumer. The brand’s core value — compassion for humans, animals, and the planet — has cemented Pacifica’s position as one of the leaders in the wellness space today.  
Ms. Harvey-Taylor’s roots have always been in nature, and her lifestyle choices have guided the brand. Growing up on a modest cattle ranch in Montana led her to become vegan and concerned about animal rights. Her mother was an early member of the town’s first natural co-op grocery store, where Ms. Harvey-Taylor worked as a teen and discovered natural beauty products. In college, she apprenticed for an aromatherapist and learned the art of healing through essential oils. But her focus turned to perfuming and skin care, leading her to become a respected self-taught natural perfumer as well as a leader in clean and natural ingredients.  
In addition to her passion for animal welfare, as a mother of three, surfer, and lover of the ocean, she is also a strong supporter of environmental causes and is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of Pacifica’s products. The brand uses conscious packaging, sources sustainable ingredients, and is committed to reducing waste in all areas of its business. Pacifica works closely with the Plastic Collective to offset plastic waste and support the collection of ocean bound plastics.

Brook Harvey-Taylor