Full Name
Natalie Mackey
Job Title
Winky Lux
Speaker Bio
Natalie Mackey is a brand builder and beauty entrepreneur. She began her career in finance but soon was drawn to growing companies as an operator. In 2015, she launched Winky Lux, a fast-to-market brand of whimsical color cosmetics. A Francophile at heart, Ms. Mackey has always been inspired by ornate patterns and joyful messages. Her thesis is that beauty is rooted in play and interacting with products should be, first and foremost, a joyful experience.

Ms. Mackey sits on the advisory board of Verizon Media, is a member of the Milken young leaders, and is Chair of the Indie Beauty League. She’s passionate about creating spaces and experiences where women can play, connect, and inspire each other.
Natalie Mackey