Full Name
Elsa Jungman
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Speaker Bio

Dr. Elsa Jungman has made significant contributions to the fields of skin health and microbiome innovation. With a Ph.D. in skin barrier function, she has an extensive background working with leading companies such as L'Oréal, K18, and AOBiome. Dr. Jungman's research into the skin microbiome led her to recognize it as the future of the consumer health and beauty industry, inspiring her to start her own company focused on leveraging microbiome data and AI to drive innovation in consumer solutions.

In late 2020 she launched her namesake pioneering microbiome-friendly skincare line, followed by a unique direct-to-consumer microbiome test kit in retail outlets such as Credo Beauty and with the facial bar Face Haus. By 2022 Dr. Jungman introduced HelloBiome, a B2B AI platform utilizing microbiome data for personal care innovation, clinical research, and personalization.

Her contributions have been recognized with the French-American Entrepreneurship Award. Additionally, she is Editor of the fifth edition of the Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, further establishing her as a leader in her field.

Dr. Jungman currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and their two little sons.

Elsa Jungman