Full Name
Guive Balooch
Job Title
Global Managing Director, Augmented Beauty & Open Innovation
Speaker Bio

Guive Balooch is a scientist who is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technology to the beauty industry. He has helped L’Oréal evolve from the world’s foremost beauty company to a technology player that is empowering consumers through personalized products that solve their individual beauty and wellness desires. Mr. Balooch’s team — based in Paris, New York, New Jersey, China, Japan, and San Francisco — partners with entrepreneurs, academic institutions, and experts across a diverse array of fields to unearth breakthrough research and first-to-market technologies.
Following a post-doc at Stanford in cell biomechanics, Mr. Balooch began his tenure in the pharmaceutical industry researching new antibodies for bone-related diseases. In 2008 he joined L’Oréal’s research and innovation team where he was responsible for building collaborations with startups and universities. After drawing inspiration from the agile startup models that surrounded him, he entered a unique new role that would grant him exposure to the consumer and the business while remaining on the R&I team at the number one beauty company in the world.
A native of California, Mr. Balooch holds a bachelor of arts in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley and doctor of philosophy in biomaterials from the University of California, San Francisco.

Guive Balooch