Full Name
June Ambrose
Job Title
Creative Director & Designer, Women’s Hoops
Speaker Bio

June Ambrose is an award-winning creative director, costume designer, and entrepreneur who has built a 25-year career creating culture-shifting moments through fashion and style. From designing costumes for Hype Williams’ Belly to styling videos for hip hop heavyweights like Missy Elliott, P. Diddy, and Jay-Z, Ms. Ambrose has created the blueprint for many of the trends we see today. She has also changed the industry through her willingness to challenge the status quo — by creating opportunities for other stylists of color, building bridges between luxury European fashion houses and hip hop artists, and pioneering the celebrity brand collaboration.
Ms. Ambrose’s career started at Uptown/MCA Records, where she booked her first styling job for a young TK. She has never been afraid to open her own doors or create one when it didn’t exist, as is evident in where she found inspiration and the original custom pieces she created. This innovation led to a collaboration between Missy Elliott and Adidas, which she creative directed, an industry first that has become standard practice. Ms. Ambrose published a book, Effortless Style, and has appeared on countless TV segments as a style expert. In 2012 she starred in Styled by June on VH1, where she shared her creative process with the world.
She has parlayed her expertise into a global lifestyle brand, collaborating with companies like Target, Macy’s, and La Mer who gravitate toward her sharp, sartorial eye and dynamic, infectious personality. Most recently Ms. Ambrose became Creative Director and Designer at PUMA, where she is reimagining the relationship between style and sport. She launched the women’s basketball category in 2021, designed over 40 runway looks for the PUMA NYFW show, and in 2022, she released her first co-branded collection with the brand.

June Ambrose