Full Name
Scarlett Johansson
Job Title
Chair & Founder
The Outset
Speaker Bio

Scarlett Johansson is one of the highest grossing and most influential actors of our generation. She is a Tony and BAFTA winner and two-time Academy Award nominee. Ms. Johansson has been a beauty aficionado since her screen debut at age eight,, and over her 30-year career, has honed her strategies to have consistently "camera ready" skin into a craft. The concept for The Outset is based on her gentle, everyday routine that treated her sensitized, acne-prone skin caused by a disrupted moisture barrier and overuse of irritating products. 
A champion for giving back, Ms. Johansson has served as Global Ambassador for Dress for Success, Oxfam, and RED. In addition to her roles as actor, producer, and entrepreneur, she is a lifelong New Yorker, mom, and skincare enthusiast.

Scarlett Johansson