Full Name
Munir Mashooqullah
Job Title
Chairman & Founder
M5 Groupe
Speaker Bio
Munir Mashooqullah is the founder of M5 Groupe, one of the 10 largest apparel global supply chain companies, which includes Synergies Worldwide (1987), Oculas in (2017) and Dreuss (2018). In the media space, he was Co-Founder of Hertzman Media. Currently, he is actively involved in the manufacturing of sustainable raw materials and has investments in Cyclo Fibers, All Tex and Presstar. Munir’s primary focus is to bring affordable sustainable raw materials to the apparel and textile supply chain. He is a National Council Member of Olin Business School Washington University in St. Louis, a member of the American Apparel and Footwear Association, serves on the government relations committee, and is a member of the Young Presidents Organization.
Munir Mashooqullah