Full Name
Elizabeth L. Cline
Job Title
Director of Advocacy & Policy
Speaker Bio
Elizabeth L. Cline is an expert in consumer culture, sustainability, and labor rights in the fashion industry and has authored two acclaimed books on these subjects, Overdressed (2012) and The Conscious Closet (2019).

In 2021, Ms. Cline joined Remake as Director of Advocacy and Policy, where she shapes strategy and communications on public pressure campaigns and shapes policy that advances the rights and fair pay of the world’s 35 million garment makers. She has worked on a number of successful campaigns for a more equitable fashion industry, including the passage of California’s Garment Worker Protection Act, the renewal of the International Accord, and #PayUp, which held major fashion brands accountable to garment workers during the pandemic for more than $22 billion worth of clothing orders.
Elizabeth L. Cline