Full Name
Chris Collins
Job Title
World Of Chris Collins
Speaker Bio
After being the face of Ralph Lauren for more than two decades, Chris Collins decided it was time to launch his own luxury brand. The World of Chris Collins is a high-end beauty brand with niche fragrances. Each fragrance invites you into a world of love, romance, and desire. New York City is the backdrop of Mr. Collins’ storytelling, but his fragrances are inspired by his childhood memories as well as his current life experiences. The notes of each scent are like the lyrics of a song meant to be listened to through the souls of the individuals wearing them.

The World of Chris Collins currently has three collections in its fragrance wardrobe: Renaissance, Dark Romance, and Rubeus Collections. The Renaissance Collection tells the story of Harlem of the 1920s, when black culture flourished. The Dark Romance Collection invites you into the playful, devilish side of love as there is beauty in darkness. The Rubeus Collection captures the emotion of fury, love, and lust.
Chris Collins