Full Name
Bri Hall
Job Title
Podcast Host & Content Creator
Count to Ten
Speaker Bio
A trendsetter and thought leader of her generation, Bri Hall is an artist, influencer, podcast host, and motivational speaker who has built a dedicated global audience of more than 1.1 million followers across all platforms. A lifelong creative polymath, Ms. Hall started her journey as a content creator during her undergrad years with hair and beauty tutorials on YouTube that went viral. Since then, she has worked with international brands including Google, Fenty Beauty, Calvin Klein, Clinique, and more.

Beyond beauty and entertainment, she also gained widespread recognition for using her platforms to address complex topics. This year she launched her new weekly podcast called Count To Ten where she explores race-based discriminations and microaggressions as well as various social and cultural issues that marginalized groups face. The podcast has already garnered positive support from WWD, Vogue, Cheddar News, and Black News Channel, among others. Using a wide range of platforms, Ms. Hall continues her longtime mission of increasing representation in media while creating a safe space for her followers to grow with her through thought-provoking, engaging content.
Bri Hall