Full Name
Dana Zumbo
Job Title
Business Development Manager
Speaker Bio
Dana Zumbo is Business Development Manager at Zappos Adaptive, a curated shopping experience on Zappos.com. In her role, Ms. Zumbo oversees a dedicated team that works to provide functional and fashionable products to make life easier for all. An experienced professional in the adaptive retail space, she consults Zappos brand partners on developing and/or adapting products to be inclusive of the disability community.

Pior to joining the Zappos family in 2009, Ms. Zumbo took a break from her retail career to go back to school at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and study special education. During that time, she started the first adaptive swim class at a local community center, which connected her to the autism community, and she continues to provide support today as a board member of F.E.A.T. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Ms. Zumbo’s “why” is to sense and respond to the needs of others, so they feel supported in a way that helps them contribute to their highest potential.
Dana Zumbo